mythic eras

The Ones Even the Elves have Forgotten

The Forgotten Temple

While praying to her new Patron, Kenza discovered that her glaive has been enchanted with an odd Elven enchantment. Under the light of the full moon, Elven writings will appear on the blade. It is not clear where these writing come from, but they generally have something to do with something near by or gravely important to the wielder of the glaive.

What was written was an Elven map to an ancient, long forgotten tomb. It is interesting to note that Elven maps are all in a well defined poetic verse. This means that they can only be read by someone that can read Elvish and the complete maps can only be read from original writing. It has been transcribed into another language or by a non-elf scribe, much of the information is lost. This has much to do w/ the Elven written language with is multi-dimensional. Unlike human written language, elven writing and art exist in at least 3 dimensions and sometime many more. The multiple layers of means are often impossible for the human mind to understand….

Along w/ the Secret Scroll Alex had, the part was able to locate the tomb and travel there. High in the mountains they found an ancient Elven tomb dedicated to BakRaHiJuKomGiWaReTamPoLiKu, for Bak for short. It is unclear what type of creature Bak was, for no human has been known to speak of such a creature.

Traps were found, some battles were fought, the tomb was explored. An crumbling path to an ancient portal was found and one of the creatures (Bak’s race) was fought. The parts barely survived and made back to the village….

Three significant items cross through the portal into the hands of humans for the very first time: Deck of Illusions and Bag of Tricks

  • Deck of Illusions
  • Bag of Tricks
  • Magical Two-handed sword (too large to wield) named ‘The Clearer of Ways’



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