mythic eras

The night raiders

The party has been resting and working on their personal goals for a few weeks, selling “magic texts”, refurbishing the longhouse, communing with raven, etc. One night, the Kobold Chief, Wyziwyg, sneaks into town asking for help. The badlands have become less hospitable, with the dead refusing to sleep. Wyziwyg offers “a great artifact of the earth mother”, if the party can find a new home for his people.

The old hag of the swamp might know of a good place, and its said a dragon lives somewhere around there.

The journey is interrupted when the party comes across a terrified girl. She tells of terrible raiders in the night destroying her village, smoke in the distance confirms her story. The party is attacked by a group of giants, backed by archers and a stealthy mage.

After the battle the party helps look for a few survivors. Thier story, confirmed by interrogating the mage after death, is that they where attacked for being unclean and that the attackers come from “the white vale”

After doing what they can, the party finally arrives at the swamp, with Baba’s flock of ravens larger than ever.



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