mythic eras

The story so far

After hunting and killing the horrible bear for Raven, our heroes returned to Greenvale. They spent a week resting, songwriting, and drinking Lord Byrne’s better booze.

The peace was broken by a goblin raid on the night of the new moon. The party repelled the attack and chased the apparent leader of the raid, a goblin shaman. Ven was able to foil a hobgoblin ambush, and the party discovers the larger, more organized goblins are now in charge of the caves.

The party staged a decoy for the main goblin pack. Then they snuck in and sacked the goblin caves, freeing the merchant Finn, his partner and wife Anara, and their guard, Eddard.

According to the Kobolds and interrogated goblins; the caves are split between Kobolds, Gnolls, Goblins, and strong individual monsters. Deep into the badlands stands a temple to dark and hoary gods. The priests there trade blessings and knowledge for information, prisoners, and seemingly random requests for certain items (the learned recognize spell components, alchemical reagents, and smithing materials on the list)

The party has some time to rest and plan a next course of action. It is certain that left unchecked, the goblins or worse will attack again.



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