mythic eras

Detained by a Dragon

The experience of the hut was as eerie as ever, especially Baba’s nursery songs. She was “blessed with children!” Accompanying her were two emaciated human girls “Niska” and “Tasha” When Ven asked how Baba came by them she said they were “Sold to her by men like you”. When asked of The White Vale, she replied “There is no place by that name in the world” She offered the location of the Dragon as a “courtesy” .

The party found their goal deep in the swamp; an exceptionally deep green forest containing a maze of paths, Ettercaps, wicked beings that seemed a cross between a goblin and a spider, and The Great Dragon of the Wood, Viridoth.

After dealing with several ambushes from the ettercaps, the group was captured by Viridoth. The dragon was more curious than angry at the interlopers. After examining and interrogating them, they were set free. Viridoth accepted the offer of the Kobolds service. He and asked that the party deliver a message to the Elves, a small scroll formally ending a treaty between them due to unspecified violation, Viridoth was confident the party will soon have a chance to deliver the message.

Kindness from a Hag and a Dragon? Beware!



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