Ventures Outside of Dreams (Ven)

A dream warden, seeking the truths to be found


A giant of a man. Nearly seven feet tall with the muscles and weight of two hard men. Wild blonde/red hair is somewhat kept in check with leather ties. His first beard is starting to grow in. Bright green eyes, a lop-sided smile and slow, careful movements.

His dress is simple – a Tribal kilt, a warbelt and sling loaded with weapons and a leather jerkin. This faithful mount, Urithese, is almost always somewhere close at hand. A giant of a plains buffalo. The creature stands six feet tall at the shoulder and while it will never out run a horse, no other mount has the stamina of the great beast. Mount is actually a pretty poor term for the animals. No one has ever seen Ven actually ride the beast. The beast carries what few possessions Ven. Those that know Ven well, know that they treasures Urithese’s ability to find a selection of special plants and herbs that are requires to induce the dreaming in those not gifted.


Ven is from one of the great plains tribes. Tribes of nomads that travel across the great plains, following the seasons and migration of game. Each tribe is generally no more than 5-6 families that are united under the oldest Dreamer. Several times a year most of the tribes gather for huge celebrations and trade. While not hostile, the tribes are a rough and tumble lot that take care of their own. Outsides are not shunned but nor are the trusted. While the tribes recognize that the Gods are real, they have little love or trust in them. They lets the dreaming guide their lives.

The tribes believe that dreaming is what connects all things and all places. Dreams fill the space between the known and unknown. Dream connect the present with the past and the future. Dreams are the paths the Gods must follow when they seek the enter the mortal realm. The tribes use dreaming to guide almost every significant choice in their lives. When to move out, what hunting ground to visit, who to marry… it is all determined by dreaming.

Dream Wardens are the shamans, guardians and wisemen of the Tribes. Wardens are the gifted few that can actually walk the dreaming on their own will and with training, guide others. They are also the protectors of the families, for the darkness that comes from dreams is far more dangerous than any physical danger.

All Wardens are required to Walk the Dreams as a rite of passage. Some walks take years, other decades. Many never return. Those that do return, bring with them a wealth of stories, knowledge and dreaming that will guide the tribe for years to come.

Ven is a Warden, 2 years into his Dreaming.

Ventures Outside of Dreams (Ven)

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