Elven Druid, Servant of Storm Crow


Among the wood elves, when a child is born without sight and hearing it is a sign that the spark of life failed to find the infant, and they are taken deep into the forest to be reclaimed. Syl was born such a child, but was spared an obscure death by the demi-god Storm Crow to be his eyes in the world as he hid from the wrath of the giants.

He bound sprits of the forest to her body and taught her the language of giants and men. She learned to creep unnoticed and listen to the faintest whisper, or bumble buzzing above the remains of battlefieds, and return with songs to amuse him in his aerie in shadow.

As centuries past she grew into a woman, and her innate wood elven nature began to battle with the primitive animal spirits homed in her body. Storm Crow was kind and loosened her bond, so she could range wider in the world and seek her true purpose.

She is fearful of cities and groups of people, but looks kindly on individuals in trouble. She safeguards harmless travelers in the wild and looks after the sick, but is often misunderstood because of her strange appearance. Due to her shyness few yet know of her, though she has in her quiet way aided mortals since the age of giants.


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