mythic eras

Detained by a Dragon

The experience of the hut was as eerie as ever, especially Baba’s nursery songs. She was “blessed with children!” Accompanying her were two emaciated human girls “Niska” and “Tasha” When Ven asked how Baba came by them she said they were “Sold to her by men like you”. When asked of The White Vale, she replied “There is no place by that name in the world” She offered the location of the Dragon as a “courtesy” .

The party found their goal deep in the swamp; an exceptionally deep green forest containing a maze of paths, Ettercaps, wicked beings that seemed a cross between a goblin and a spider, and The Great Dragon of the Wood, Viridoth.

After dealing with several ambushes from the ettercaps, the group was captured by Viridoth. The dragon was more curious than angry at the interlopers. After examining and interrogating them, they were set free. Viridoth accepted the offer of the Kobolds service. He and asked that the party deliver a message to the Elves, a small scroll formally ending a treaty between them due to unspecified violation, Viridoth was confident the party will soon have a chance to deliver the message.

Kindness from a Hag and a Dragon? Beware!

The night raiders

The party has been resting and working on their personal goals for a few weeks, selling “magic texts”, refurbishing the longhouse, communing with raven, etc. One night, the Kobold Chief, Wyziwyg, sneaks into town asking for help. The badlands have become less hospitable, with the dead refusing to sleep. Wyziwyg offers “a great artifact of the earth mother”, if the party can find a new home for his people.

The old hag of the swamp might know of a good place, and its said a dragon lives somewhere around there.

The journey is interrupted when the party comes across a terrified girl. She tells of terrible raiders in the night destroying her village, smoke in the distance confirms her story. The party is attacked by a group of giants, backed by archers and a stealthy mage.

After the battle the party helps look for a few survivors. Thier story, confirmed by interrogating the mage after death, is that they where attacked for being unclean and that the attackers come from “the white vale”

After doing what they can, the party finally arrives at the swamp, with Baba’s flock of ravens larger than ever.

The Ones Even the Elves have Forgotten
The Forgotten Temple

While praying to her new Patron, Kenza discovered that her glaive has been enchanted with an odd Elven enchantment. Under the light of the full moon, Elven writings will appear on the blade. It is not clear where these writing come from, but they generally have something to do with something near by or gravely important to the wielder of the glaive.

What was written was an Elven map to an ancient, long forgotten tomb. It is interesting to note that Elven maps are all in a well defined poetic verse. This means that they can only be read by someone that can read Elvish and the complete maps can only be read from original writing. It has been transcribed into another language or by a non-elf scribe, much of the information is lost. This has much to do w/ the Elven written language with is multi-dimensional. Unlike human written language, elven writing and art exist in at least 3 dimensions and sometime many more. The multiple layers of means are often impossible for the human mind to understand….

Along w/ the Secret Scroll Alex had, the part was able to locate the tomb and travel there. High in the mountains they found an ancient Elven tomb dedicated to BakRaHiJuKomGiWaReTamPoLiKu, for Bak for short. It is unclear what type of creature Bak was, for no human has been known to speak of such a creature.

Traps were found, some battles were fought, the tomb was explored. An crumbling path to an ancient portal was found and one of the creatures (Bak’s race) was fought. The parts barely survived and made back to the village….

Three significant items cross through the portal into the hands of humans for the very first time: Deck of Illusions and Bag of Tricks

  • Deck of Illusions
  • Bag of Tricks
  • Magical Two-handed sword (too large to wield) named ‘The Clearer of Ways’
The Happy Couple

The party journeys southwest out of the mountains to the County of Dulnholm to introduce the heir of Greenvale, Sevren, to his possible new bride. Along the way they are waylaid by a treacherous messenger from Dulnholm’s Hall. the party handily dispatches the bumbling Duholmies and receives a magic brooch, (DM Only: magic brooch is of hide alignment and will also give a +3 to deceive rolls) The party also takes the dastardly Dulnmolmian’s fine chain mail and quick longsword (long sword +1 init, non-magic)

As the party journeys to Dulnholm they encounter a pack of local wolves while on vision quest. The young heir, guided by the wisdom of Garth and Nick, chooses these wolves as his totem animal and comes to appreciate the natural splendor of the lands he may one day inherit.

The party also learns the story of the mysterious widow of Dulnholm, Beija: Her husband and a few of his men were killed by wolves or men, or men dressed as wolves, depending on who you ask, and the farm they lived on is now abandoned and, some say, cursed. Lord Tahn of Dunholm wishes to marry his 27 year old daughter off to the 14 year old heir of Greenvale. The lord of Greenvale would very much like this to happen as he would gain huge tracts of land that are also well positioned strategically, especially if Greenvale fails and it’s people need to retreat from the frontier.

The abandoned farm is notable as it contains a large deposit of moonstone, which is a relatively common and cheap magical reagent. Moonstone is also a considered to be very good sign of silver deposits. Beija’s dead husband was doing a lot of prospecting before he was killed to death. Even with out the moonstone or silver this farm and the other farm that are part of Beija’s dowry would mean a sizable boost to the coffers of Greendale.

When the party arrives at Dunholm they meet Beija who is beautiful in a wild sort of way, her 10 year old son, Broun, Lord Dunholm and Lord Dunholm’s treacherous advisor, the Mage Sear-Rusk.

The part deduces that Sear-Rusk tried to have them and Heir Sevren killed. They challenge Sear-Rusk to tip his hand, and while he nearly slips in front of his lord he does not quite take the bait.

The party delivers a gift to the bride-to-be and heads back to Greenvale with a much older 14 year old heir.

One less chaos temple

With help from with Wisywig, our heroes made their way to the temple deep in the badlands. They manage to defeat the high priest Kallrath and her undead minions. However her ally, A half-elven mage Tinya, escapes during the battle. ScottNeedsChanracterName is badly wounded but survives.

Ven tracks the mage to a luxurious chamber, lit on fire. The mage escapes as Ven is petrified by a mystic symbol trap. After putting out the fire and restoring ven, the party discovers a secret workshop. They find evidence of mithril production, a fire elemental trapped in a magic circle, over 20 humanoid remains, and deadly spider venom. From a casting mold it seems the smith created 4 daggers and 4 short swords.

(AlexMoran needs a character name) charmes a cultist, and learns the following.

The temple is connected to other cells of the cult through couriers and spies. These spies would frequently meet with Kallrath and Tinya in private, sometimes just with Tinya.

The cult is dedicated to a god of chaos known as Aameul. Thier symbol is a jagged spiral. They had traded favors and magic for prisoners to sacrifice. Some were sacrificed to Ameul, but many were used by Tinya.

The party clears out the temple, the undead wandering off after the death of the high priest. They free 4 human captives and return to Greenvale keep.

The heros return so find Greenvale fighting off the last of a Goblin horde. The shantytown outside the walls still smolders. A score of the Shining Shields lay dead in the battlefield. The party manages to save one with medical attention. The palisade around the keep was largely burnt, revealing the completed stone wall.

LOOT: to be divided between Ven, AlexNeedsChanracterName,ScottNeedsChanracterName
Unholy symbols made of patina silver. Can be melted down into 3 ingots worth 60 Gold each. Two short swords. 2 vials of poison, 3 healing potions, a vial of stone to flesh, Scrolls of Witch Bolt, Web, Grease, and Spider climb.

With the immediate danger to Greenvale gone, the heros have time to recuperate and plan their next adventure.

The story so far

After hunting and killing the horrible bear for Raven, our heroes returned to Greenvale. They spent a week resting, songwriting, and drinking Lord Byrne’s better booze.

The peace was broken by a goblin raid on the night of the new moon. The party repelled the attack and chased the apparent leader of the raid, a goblin shaman. Ven was able to foil a hobgoblin ambush, and the party discovers the larger, more organized goblins are now in charge of the caves.

The party staged a decoy for the main goblin pack. Then they snuck in and sacked the goblin caves, freeing the merchant Finn, his partner and wife Anara, and their guard, Eddard.

According to the Kobolds and interrogated goblins; the caves are split between Kobolds, Gnolls, Goblins, and strong individual monsters. Deep into the badlands stands a temple to dark and hoary gods. The priests there trade blessings and knowledge for information, prisoners, and seemingly random requests for certain items (the learned recognize spell components, alchemical reagents, and smithing materials on the list)

The party has some time to rest and plan a next course of action. It is certain that left unchecked, the goblins or worse will attack again.

Three squirrels make not a bath
Lessons learned on the road

Today I tried to bathe in a family of squirrels. At first everyone agreed that this would be a good idea. I am still convinced that squirrel tails are far superior to leaves for cleaning the body. I have found that the squirrels do not always agree. I must reflect on where this all went wrong… perhaps after I figure out how I got hog tied to the top of this great redwood tree.

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Game one

While on the road to Greendale the party comes across the remains of a raided caravan. Several dead guards lay around a broken wagon. Men are searching the area.

Lord Byrne is seen leading a search party. His son, who had been attending school away, was kidnapped in the raid!

Syl notices that the flint spear-tip lodged in one of the late guards came from a very low angle. (Scott) finds the ambush blind and sees tracks leading into an hoary and ominous Forrest.


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